Express Kiosk Model

( Metro Stations, Railway Stations, Airports, Departmental Stores, etc)
Investment : Rs 3,00,000/-(Rs. Three Lac Only)

Area : 35 - 50 Sq. ft. & Above


Kiosk Model
Investment : Rs 4,00,000/-(Rs. Four Lac Only)

Area : 35 - 50 Sq. ft. & Above


Café Model
Investment : Rs 12,00,000/-(Rs. Twelve Lac Only)

Area : 300 Sq. ft. & Above


Café & Lounge Model
Investment : Rs 15,0000/-(Rs. Fifteen Lac Only)

Area : 1100 Sq. ft. & Above


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Go Veg. is a profitable lifestyle brand where the accent is on being quick, convenient and accessible.

Customers in a hurry must be able to grab a salad or a snack even while they are on the move…

You can partner with us as a franchisee. The possibilities are endless. And the rewards great.

Money in a flash for Business Entrepreneurs
Transform a 40 to 300-square-feet area into a money-vending machine.

Go Veg. Kiosk/café is the low investment, high returns business; where you pile up your profits right from the word go. This entitles you to a plug-and-play kiosk/café fully equipped with all the machineries - fully operational within 3-4 weeks of the franchise agreement being signed.

It can truly be said that no other brand growing through the F&B franchising route offers so much for so little. All you need is a hunger for success, a high-traffic location and a little investment. All the rest – like the training and support – is provided by us. And you are ready to rake in the big bucks from Day 1.

Go Veg. is poised for a growth curve that's creating new benchmarks in the F&B franchising business. Speckled across the urbanscape of India's leading cities…there's one sign that beckons entrepreneurs who want to book profits.

Go Veg. Kiosk/Café
With a product portfolio that embraces cold salads, and a snacks menu that stretches from rolls, submarines and sandwiches. Go Veg. Kiosk is the one take-away F&B format that caters to the needs of all customers for whom time is money. The format is known to work spectacularly well at locations – like shopping malls, supermarkets, multiplexes, travel terminals, petrol pumps, parks, educational institutions – where large numbers of people congregate.

Go Veg. is focused on the ever increasing consumption of vegetarian in India and promoting vegetarianism. 

Join this fast growing large market

•  More and more of us are “discovering” Vegetarianism

•  Our typical customer is from the very young to the very old – and everyone in between!

•  Vegetables, in moderation, has significant health properties

•  Own and run your own business

•  Be your own boss

•  You build a business you can be proud of

•  Secure your future and turn your dreams into reality

•  Build your own business with high profits

we enjoy a very healthy profit margin

We have already proved our customers keep coming back - they also spread the word!

The Income & Profit

Here is an opportunity to invest in a fast growing market and reward yourself with the benefits you have been waiting for.

•  Secure your future with a strong position cash flow

•  An inexpensive business to set up with low overheads

•  An appealing, effective and flexible store fit out

•  High profit margins

•  Opportunity to earn high income

As a Go Veg. franchisee you have the opportunity to earn a high income

Hard work and enthusiasm will reward you and your business will develop into a serious asset.

Low monthly royalty

•  You pay one low monthly royalty fee of Rs. 25000/- (Twenty Five Thousand Only) and 18% for the café model.

Invest now for future market growth

•  We offer a genuine opportunity in this fast growing market

•  Our sales are growing at a strong, sustainable rate

•  Our customers continually tell us they “ love “ our concept  Go Veg.  System

Go Veg. is an easy to run Franchise System

•  As a Go Veg. franchisee you use the name - “Go Veg.”

•  As a franchisee you do not pay any royalties based upon performance

•  Most stock carried by a franchisee comes from head office

•  The monthly royalty fee is a flat rate of 18% of gross sales per month.

Go Veg. provides franchisee assistance and advice all the way.

•  store selection

•  store fit out and layout

•  stock selection and stock levels

•  signage – exterior and interior

•  All stationary, menu’s , POS cards etc

•  Training – both initial and on-going

•  Regular store visits

•  Staff training

•  Staff selection